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NRBBA Fall Mixer (November 15, 2017)

NRBBA Fall Mixer (November 15, 2017)

NRBBA Fall Cash Mob & Mixer

Shop local and mingling is a beautiful thing!


kurt true value hardware owners

A BIG THANK YOU to Kurt True Value Hardware for hosting the NRBBA Fall Cash Mob & Mixer. Owner, Leland Hyde, Tina and the crew made everyone feel welcome and extra special. A good old-fashioned barbecue was personally served up by Chef Leland (who’s also served as co-BBQ Chef at our WalkAbout events) and guests had a great time connecting and spending some time browsing the aisles for necessities to buy during the cash mob (and a few things they didn’t realize they needed until they were in the store).

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Seriously, you can get just about anything at Kurt True Value Hardware — a family-owned neighborhood hardware store that has served the community since 1986. And once again special thanks to King Harbor Brewing Company for the tasty local beer made right here in 90278!


Would you like to host a future NRBBA Mixer at your business?
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*Locations will need to accommodate 35 to 40 guests.