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Local Business Events

Local Business Events


Business Mixers & Community Cash Mobs

Continuing our mission to create opportunities that connect our local businesses with the community and to help create economic stimulus, the NRBBA organizes and promotes mixers at local businesses in North Redondo and those along the Boulevard in the Artesia corridor. These events encourage business-to-business and community connection through conversation and mingling, while getting to know more about the business and meet the owner.

We also select business locations to host our NRBBA Cash Mob events. A Cash Mob is an event that encourages members of a community to show up on a certain date and time to make a change and help support a local business. ‘Mobbers’ typically spend a minimum of 20 dollars at the business, which creates an immediate economic stimulus.  Oftentimes, the business chooses to donate a portion of proceeds from this event to a local charity or non-profit.  It’s fun and brings the community together in the name of shopping local!These are great opportunities to showcase your business and participate as a supportive and active community member who cares about the businesses in our City.

Want to participate? If you’d like us to consider your business as a cash mob or mixer venue, please contact us. If you’d like to volunteer, donate or get involved, let us know.  We (and your local Redondo businesses) would love the support!